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Audio/visual support such as television monitors, VCRs, or taped music.

A/V Contractor

A supplier of audio/visual equipment and services.

Advance Order

An order for services sent to the service contractor prior to the installation date. Compare with Floor Order.

Advance Rates

Fees associated with advance orders, which typically include discounts when paid in advance.

Advanced Receiving

Location set by show management to receive freight before the start of show. Freight is stored at this location and then shipped to the show at the appropriate time.


A bona fide representative with proper credentials from the party represented.

Air Freight

Goods shipped via airplane.


A walkway intended for audience movement through an exposition or exhibit.

Aisle Carpet

Carpeting installed in trade show aisles.

Aisle Signs

Signs, usually suspended, identifying exposition aisles by number or letter.


The process of erecting an exhibit from its components. Also called Installation, Set Up.


See On-site.


Those persons who visit an event that are not exhibiting or connected with the event itself.


A light source that illuminates translucent material from behind.


The panels at the rear of an exhibit.