An elegant, lightweight, non-retractable display with a unique design

Expand SmartStand

Expand SmartStand

With the Expand SmartStand you can get your image away from the floor level. It has a telescopic pole, which makes it easy to change the height as well as adapting the size of the image to suit your specific needs. Available in many sizes and with attachments to suit many different materials.

  • Elegant non-retractable display
  • Use single sided or double the impact of your message by using the Expand SmartStand double sided
  • You can get your image away from floor level
  • Telescopic pole to adjust height
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Occupies very little floor space


Download the Expand SmartStand Brochure (pdf)


19 11/16" x40"

19 11/16" x 60"

19 11/16" x 82"

23 5/8" x H: 40"

23 5/8" x 60"

23 5/8" x 82"

27 9/16" x40

27 9/16" x 60"

27 9/16" x 82"

31 1/2" x 40"

31 1/2" x 60"

31 1/2" x 82"


  • Hardware & Print (Single-Sided)
  • Black Nylon Bag



Delivered in a padded black nylon bag

Single or Double Sided

You can choose a double-sided version that enables you to present your message from two directions for maximum impact.

Telescopic Pole

It is equipped with a telescopic pole, which makes it very easy to adjust the height.

Expand Spotlight (50W)

This 50 watt spotlight can be used with most of our retractable and non-retractable displays

ExpandSmart Stand Set up Instructions

Easy to set up

You set it up in one minute.

Download set up instructions